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This is the same site as before, but under new owners. Please read through the instructions carefully (especially returning students, who might miss a small but important note since you’ll be remembering the old site).   

You'll sign up at the Institute of Biblical Greek’s National Greek Exam web site (even though it is a website about Greek, we are using it for Latin purposes). This site is designed and run by Christians, and it is a safe and secure environment. All information will be kept confidential. The instructions on the exam site are very clear and straightforward, so you probably won't have any problems. But we have typed up the steps for you anyway to reference as you go.

1) Go to this page: (

2) On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a box with the words “create your free account here" and a button that says “sign up” – click it.

3) Fill out all required material (select “student” when you have that option) and click “create your account.”

4) The next page thanks you for creating an account – click “continue.”

Ta da! You're signed up!

1) Once you're signed in, you’ll see you’re in your “student home” page. Click on "join a new class."

2) A window will open and you’ll be asked to put in your instructor’s email. It is: Then click “Find Instructor Classes.”

3) Choose the class that matches the one you are taking this year and click on “Join class.”

Now you've joined the class, and you're ready to take the test!

1) Sign in to the website (if you're not already), and you should see your student home page, with your class displayed and the exam listed underneath your class. Click "Take Exam."

2) You’ll see a new page that says your test name on it. Click “Take exam,” and the exam will start.


You’ll see only one question at a time. Each question will have five multiple choice answers. Select the answer you think is correct, and check it over – once you hit “Go,” you won’t see it again! If you want to challenge a question (i.e., you think the test has an error on it) or leave a comment, you may do so as well. Once you’re sure you like the answer you picked and are ready to move on, click “Go.” The next question will load.


You’ll be redirected to a page that shows you your score and all the questions you missed or got incorrect. You’ll have a chance to either comment on them (i.e., send us a note) or challenge them (i.e., you think the test was incorrect or unfair). After you’ve had a chance to look over it, click “Finished.”

Then you’ll see your exam history, with the details of the test you took. You’ll see graphs to see how you did in different areas of the test, and if you click on “show all” for “weakest areas” or “strongest areas” you’ll see what you need to work on and what you are doing well on.

You can log in to your student home at any time to see your score and your results with the graphs and pointers for what you need to study and what your strong areas are.